25 Bookish Facts about Me

Hi Everyone!

I decided there was no better way to start off my blog than to giveIMG_9641 you 25 Bookish Facts about me. Inspired by Paper Fury’
s post, I’m going to be giving you a list of interesting things about me, of course all relating to books.

1. If I see someone reading a book that I’ve read, I have to restrain myself from ambushing them.

No, seriously, it’s a problem. I could be on the public transport, walking down the street, in a library, anywhere and if I spy someone holding a copy of a book I own, I get this overwhelming urge to go and talk to them. Do they like the book? What part are they at? Do they love *insert book boyfriend name* as much as I do? I NEED TO KNOW!

2. My TBR pile is shameful.

It’s a leaning tower of pressure and possibility but every time I finish one book, I’ll end up buying another and my TBR pile stays just as big.

3. I buy books everywhere I go. It’s a problem.

My life is turning into Confessions of a Shopaholic: Book Edition. For me, there is no ‘I’ll just browse this bookshop real quick’, oh no. When I walk into a bookshop, my wallet takes a hit.

4. My favourite Genre is YA.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that YA just does it better. Sure there are a million tropes, and they can be really cheesy, but there’s something so addictive about the writing and the stories and UGH. I love it. Plus, if you make it a fantasy, sign me up. Why would I want to read a book about real life when I can immerse myself in a whole new world?

5. I dislike Dystopian.

Confession: I haven’t read The Hunger Games. Or Divergent. Or anything of the sort. I can’t explain why, but something about it really doesn’t appeal to me. I think it’s just been so overdone that by the time those books became popular, I was over it.

6. I talk to myself when I read.

Can you honestly tell me you haven’t done the same? When a character says something, I like to imagine how they say it. I don’t do it with the whole thing (I don’t have the time to be completely crazy) but occasionally a line will come along and I reread it a million times until I say it how the character would.

7. I drive my friends insane.

I tend to ramble when it comes to books. A lot. Not many of my friends read, but that doesn’t stop me from giving them full book reviews of my favourite books until they tell me to shut up. That’s part of the reason I’m starting a book blog, hopefully I’ll meet more people who share my love of literature!

8. I could talk to anyone about books.

Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had have been with total strangers, where we’ve excitedly discussed our favourite/ least favourite books and we’ve become great friends.

9. I have a concerning amount of book boyfriends.

It’s sad, really. Boys in real life just don’t do it like Will Herondale.

10. Never have I ever read Harry Potter.

Please don’t hate me! I really want to, but I just didn’t when I was younger, and now that I’ve seen all the films it’s not an urgent thing for me to do right now. But I really want to, let me know in the comments if I’m being crazy and should have read them, like, yesterday.

11. When I’m not reading, I’m writing.

I have an undying love of words. I’m currently writing a YA Fantasy novel, it’s in the beta-reading stage at the moment. I’ll probably do a whole other post about this later down the line.

12. It’s my dream to be a published author.

It would be amazing to see my work in print, of course.

13. I’m obsessed with Goodreads.

This is everything! I have so many books on my ‘Want to Read’ shelf it’s becoming a problem.

14. I’m a sucker for pretty covers.

Of course, it’s content over appearance any day, but a gorgeous cover never hurt anyone.

15. I love Sarah J Maas.

Not just her books, I think she’s an amazing person and she’s a total inspiration for me. Plus, she’s hilarious and I think I’ve watched every single one of her interviews.

16. I need to meet Sarah J Maas and Cassandra Clare.

I just do. My life won’t be complete until I meet them.

17. Booktube is a blessing.

I love book tubers so so much. I watch videos daily, they’re where I get most of my recommendations from.

18. Don’t get me started on fandoms.

Whenever I finish a book, I go onto tumblr and just spent hours, in the dark because I normally finish books at night, scrolling down a hashtag, laughing and crying at fan theories and fan art.

19. The Melting Library is my dream shop.

Living in the UK, I haven’t ordered anything from there yet. Shipping is so expensive it hurts. But they sell the most adorable book-themed candles. Books… Candles… my favourite things combined.

20. The Victorian Era gives me life.

If there’s a book set in the Victorian Era (Infernal Devices) I buy it on impulse. Words cannot express my obsession with that time.

21. The Infernal Devices trilogy is my favourite thing on the planet.

I’m not even kidding. I’m going to have to give you a whole other post on this because once I get started on this topic I don’t stop…

22. I’ve dropped three books in the bath before.

I should probably stop taking them in there, but it’s the perfect setting! I need to get better not dropping books, but you would’t think it could be that hard. I never drop books… except when I’m in the damn bath.

23. Everyone assumes I’ve read every book under the sun.

If one of my friend reads a book they assume I’ve read it too, and expect a review. Do they realise that  being a bookworm doesn’t give me magical reading powers? I wish it did, but…

24. I love bookstagram.

Books have taken over my entire instagram feed. I only have a personal account, but I adore some of the bookish feeds out there. So much.

25. Surprise, Surprise, I read a lot.

So much so that my eyes start to blur, my back hurts, my fingers cramp from holding a book for so long. But it’s all worth it, and I hope I die old and grey with a book in my hand.

That was my first post here on Ashes to Ink, thank you so much for reading! Let me know in the comments what your bookish facts are, or if you share any of mine.

Bethany  xo


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6 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts about Me

  1. Welcome to the book blogging community, Bethany! I just found out about your blog and wow, we have a LOT of things in common! Although I’ve never dropped a book in a bath before, I’m pretty sure I’d be the type to accidentally do it sometime in the future… Though hopefully it really won’t happen! Dried wet books are terrible. T_T

    Just subscribed to you via Bloglovin’. Can’t wait to read more of your posts!


    1. Thank you! Ah that’s so cool to hear! Oh, don’t get me started on that, it’s so frustrating hahaha. Fingers crossed you’re not as clumsy as me! Thank you so much xo


  2. Hi Bethany, great first post. This is the first blog I’ve found that’s younger than mine. I feel like a veteran! 😉
    *High-fives you because I hate dystopia too*
    Scrolling through Tumblr is literally the best…until you see a spoiler…


    1. Thank you! That must feel good, I feel like a total baby;) I’ll check yours out! Ugh finally, why does everyone love it so much? I spoiled Queen of Shadows on tumblr…:(xo


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